Less hassle, more control, it’s a desktop management strategy that really works. See it in Action.
Go Above and Beyond in the Cloud

Leostream Cloud Desktops makes it easy to provide clients with hosted desktops. Desktops are brokered from either the public cloud, or your own private cloud and customized by you to meet all your client's requirements - and then some.

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Be on the Forefront of the Revolution

We simplify desktop management in a way that makes sense for the MSP. Specifically designed with you in mind, Leostream Cloud Desktops offers the complete functionality and payment model you need to improve productivity and keep revenue flowing.

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Connect to the Public Cloud or Build Your Own

Secure and Reliable

Users enjoy secure single sign-on using the unique Leostream single-use token system

Easy to Manage

Simple web interface to create, image, and delete desktops. Manage all users and desktops from a simple yet powerful interface

Anywhere Access

Connect from almost any end-point device with network connectivity, including laptops, Androids, Chromebooks, and Apple mobile devices

Pooled or Persistent

Create customized desktops with persistent data storage for long-term use. Or, create pooled, singe use, desktop for quick and easy access

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